Hello Readers!  Thanks so much for spending some of your time reading my blog!

I am a student at Arizona State University studying Technical Communication and Organizational Leadership.  I am a student at ASU because I am a store manager at Starbucks.  During the last year of studying I have mainly focused on technical writing projects – proposals, podcasts scripts, memos, research synthesis and whatnot.

I chose Technical Communication as my area of study because I love to write and wanted to learn how to translate my love of writing into a marketable skill.  Unfortunately, after such condensed study in writing technically I find I have lost some of my love of the craft.

In this blog I hope to rekindle my love of writing by exploring a new genre: fiction short stories.  I plan to engage in some character building and story development that will spark my imagination back to life.  Hopefully you Readers will help by following along and letting me know what intrigues you.




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