Regina Part 3

Peter was a man of action.  He didn’t like living in the unknown and Colin’s phone call had placed him firmly in the center of a vast canyon full of the unknown.  He spent less than a minute deciding what to do and texted Frank to meet him at the warehouse.

When Peter pulled his tan Prius up to the side of the warehouse he saw Pat leaning against the wall next to the loading dock smoking a cigarette.  He frowned slightly as he turned the engine off and got out of the car.  He thought Pat was careless and had been against him being part of the operation from the beginning, but Frank was well-known as the most reliable man to call for…well, for jobs that needed to be done on the down-low.  And Frank didn’t work without Pat.

Peter gave Pat a curt nod of his head as he passed and Pat avoided eye contact.  Peter entered the warehouse through the door beside the loading dock and spotted Frank standing next to a car.  “Is the problem in the trunk?” Peter asked, straight to the point.  Frank replied by pressing a button on the fob in his hand and letting the trunk pop open.  Peter stared down at Regina for only a few seconds before removing her purse from the trunk and emptying the contents into the trunk.

Seeing the prescription package of pills he was looking for, Peter snatched them up and didn’t give Regina even a last passing glance as he slammed the trunk shut again.  “Do you want to know what happened?” Frank asked.  Frank was as straightforward as Peter and was glad he was the one that came down instead of Mr. Tucks.

“No.  The less I know about it the better.  Get rid of the entire car, I never want to see it or her again.  I don’t think I need to tell you that this kind of problem can’t happen again.”  Peter said.

“Nope, I don’t reckon that you do, sir,” replied Frank.  “I’ll take care of it right away.”  Frank paused and looked uncertain for a moment.

“Is there something else?” Peter asked warily?

“Yessir.  I wonder if you couldn’t just deliver these to Mr. Tucks for me.  He asked me to collect them when I called him about…the problem.”  Frank handed Peter two vials of blood.  Anger flashed in Peter’s eyes as he realized that once again, Colin had put the entire operation in jeopardy by giving away too much information to people who didn’t need to know.  Colin was becoming as big of a problem as Regina and Peter resolved to do something about that too.




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