Recovering Regina

Colin hung up the phone and leaned back in his leather chair, hands clasped tightly together and lips pursed in deep thought.  He seemed to come to some decision as he leaned forward suddenly and picked up the phone again.

“Yes, Mr. Tucks?” a soft, feminine voice answered.

“Get Peter on the line,” clipped Colin.

“Right away, sir,” replied the woman.

The line rang several times before Peter picked up.  As usual, Peter was impatient and in a habitual hurry as he answered the phone with a simple “Yes?”

“We have a problem.”  Colin said.  “Pat called.  There was an…incident with one of the study participants.  We’re going to need to figure out how to recover this situation.  We’ll lose all our funding if these extra-curricular activities get out.”  Peter was silent for an uncomfortable amount of time before replying with a curt “Yes.” and hanging up the phone.  Colin sighed heavily and walked over to the glass wall in his office that looked down over the city.

His company had invested an enormous amount of money into this new heart drug that was currently being studied and had put Colin in charge of following up on the process.  What they didn’t know is that Colin had found a much more lucrative way of using the study participants and had been stashing away far more money than the company was paying him over the past year.

This incident could ruin not only Colin’s second stream of income, but also the entire investment made by his company.  He suddenly felt very uneasy as he realized that he really had no idea how Peter would handle a situation like this.  Making a swift decision, Colin out on his coat, grabbed his keys, and headed out of the office to go see Peter in person.


This is the second part of the “Reconsidering Regina” story.  Obviously Frank and Pat decided to tell their bosses that there was a problem!  Keep checking in to the blog to see how Colin and Peter deal with the incident.


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