Reconsidering Regina


Regina woke up and it was still dark.  Confused, she tried to roll over and look at the alarm clock but for some reason she couldn’t roll all the way.  She realized her head was pounding and instinctively tried to reach her hand up to her head.  Still confused and quite groggy, a hollow sense of panic chased the breath out of her chest as she realized that she couldn’t raise her hands at all.

Her grogginess vanished in an instant as adrenaline filled the hollow space in her chest with short, ragged breaths.  Her eyes were now opened wide and her black pupils took over all the blue as they expanded to search for a source of light, any source of light, to gain some sense of up or down.

There was no light.  Regina could feel her heart beating at what felt like an impossible pace and had dealt with her heart issues long enough to know that this terror could kill her.  Pointlessly she closed her eyes to the dark and concentrated on slowing down her breathing.

She tried again to roll to first the left, then the right, but found she was unable to roll more than a few inches either way and seemed to be stuck laying on her back.  With a deep, sobbing breath, Regina started moving her fingers around and realized that not only did her wrists seem to be bound together, but when she tried to pull her arms up towards her face she felt her feet try to come along with the tugging.

Regina knew now that she was in real trouble.  Her breathing became irregular again and she started sobbing as she felt her heart pick up its pace.  A loud metallic thud near her head scared her even more and she felt her heartbeat get erratic as the thud was followed by a slow, screeching trail of sound that seemed to go from her head down to where her hands were bound.

The last thing Regina ever saw was a brilliant burst of light as the trunk was flung open and her heart finally gave up.


“Geez, Frank, you were only ever supposed to take ‘er and scare ‘er, not ever kill ‘er.  The bosses are gonna be pissed!” Pat spat.  “Why’d you have to go and kill ‘er?”

“I never even touched her, besides tying her up and putting her in the trunk!” Frank explained.  “They can’t do nothin’, because I didn’t do nothin’!”

Pat rubbed the stubble of beard growth on his face as he thought about this for a minute.  “Well, I don’t think that’s gonna matter none to em’.  We gotta do something about this,” he finally decided.



Here is where I am undecided in the direction of the story for Frank and Pat.  Do they hided the evidence and cover up the accidental murder from their bosses?  Or do they come clean and deal with the consequences?

Help me decide in the comments section!



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