Prompting Progress

Have you ever just sat and stared at your computer screen for an obscene amount of time?  I have.  On multiple occasions.  And I hate it!

Over the years I have researched and tried so many different methods of combating writer’s block and after much trial and error my favorite method of working past it is with prompts.  There are hundreds and hundreds of prompts for fiction short stories to be found online and you may be surprised just how well they can get your creative juices flowing!

I was originally going to spend some time researching and gathering prompts to share with you as a resource, but I felt pretty uninspired upon beginning that venture.  I thought, why not turn the tables and be the prompter this time?  So, I put together 10 prompts to inspire you past any pesky writer’s block.  A pro challenge I’ve come across on several different sites is to try and include all of the prompts in one story…if you’re feeling brave!

  1. Sitting alone in your cabin deep in the woods you reflect on what has been the loneliest year of your life.  Suddenly a loud, vibrating tremble shakes the entire cabin and a great big cloud of soot billows out of the fireplace.

  2. You have finally accomplished something big.  You can cross an item off your bucket list, item #17, finish a tube of chapstick all the way down to the bottom.  But you did NOT expect to find what you found there!

  3. Your Grandmother recently passed away and you are feeling pretty down about not being able to talk to her anymore.  Before she passed she gave you some old lace curtains that had been hanging in her bedroom since you were a little girl.  You just hung them up in your bedroom and are sitting in a chair by the window.  What do you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel?

  4. This morning you dropped your 5 year old son off for his first day of kindergarten.  He was so excited, waving one chubby hand in the air at you as the other hand clutched his blue Spiderman lunchbox.  But when you pick him up in the afternoon, he is no longer excited – he is sad and withdrawn.  Describe what happened that day from his point of view.

  5. You have been given a magical box full of everything you have ever lost in your entire life.  What are the 5 things you are most happy to find and how did you lose them?  What are 3 things you wish you had never found again and why?

  6. You wake up one day and you can’t open your eyes.  Completely blind and living alone you are forced to rely on your other senses to seek help.  Describe how you do that.

  7. You arrive home to find a package on your doorstep.  There is no return address and when you open it there is a walkie-talkie inside.  A conversation ensues.

  8. The man climbed down out of the cargo hold and crouched behind the wheel.  He patted the small package hidden under his shirt collar to reassure himself it was still there and then began planning his escape.

  9. Your sister has been acting so strange lately.  You weren’t sure why until you did what little sisters do and peeked in her diary.  Wow, you really wish you hadn’t!

  10. Sitting at the table, surrounded by people whose language you do not speak, you struggle to find a way to avoid eating the deep fried insects being offered to you without being rude.


Use your imagination and go crazy!  Feel free to share some of your story ideas in the comments!




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