Murderous Meerkat or Mousy Mole?

I have done a lot of writing over the past couple of decades.  Have you read any of my stuff?  Unless we shared a class together at some point, probably not.  That’s because I have always been a mousy mole about my writing.

Mostly I write just for the fun of writing.  A character piques my interest and the story comes out quicker than my pen can move.  Much like the light-hating mole, I have always been too comfortable underground to let my writing see any light.  Classes such as the one I am taking now about Writing for Professional Publication push me to throw pieces of my writing above ground.  The sort-of anonymity of the online class forum allows me to still dive back underground and hide from negativity when warranted, so that helps.

My goal is writing this blog is to become less like a mousy mole and more like a murderous meerkat.  Did you know that meerkats have been determined to be the most murderous mammals next to humans?


She doesn’t care if you don’t like her writing.

Meerkats may burrow underground, but they aren’t afraid to pop up, tell other meerkats what they are thinking, and apparently become murderous when their fellow meerkats disagree.  Obviously I will avoid any actual murdering – meerkat societal awareness hasn’t quite caught up to human understanding of right and wrong – but I will care less about what other people think about my writing and just put it out there.  Good or bad, I refuse to hide underground like a mousy mole any longer!


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