I love writing.  Often I find inspiration from people watching.  Sitting on my patio I watch the neighbor from three apartments down taking her dog for a walk.  Something about her will stand out; she walk with a slight limp on her left side, or startles an excessive amount at a backfiring car.  I may forget I was observing her and find my mind wandering.  Perhaps when she was young she preferred cats as pets and had a black and white cat named Mr. Whiskers.  Maybe one day Mr. Whiskers ran out the front door when she was coming home from school one day and sprinted to hide under a bush next to the road.  She loved Mr. Whiskers and left the door open behind her as she chased him.  In her childlike blinded panic she paid no attention to her surroundings and dove into the bush after the cat. The loud blaring of a car horn and the sound of a man’s voice yelling for someone to get out of the way brought the girl’s Mother to the open front door just in time to see the girl get knocked over by a slow-moving car.  The girl’s left leg was pinned under the front tire and she cried out in distress as she struggled to get free.  Suddenly her Mother was beside her, a calm presence trying to help her pull free.  Even through her pain and tears, the girl could feel the icy change in the air as her Father got out of the car and joined her Mother in trying to free her.  Her Father smelled what he always smelled like, sort of strong like mouthwash, but different, and her Mother was no longer calm.  The girl lost consciousness then, and when she woke up in the hospital it took some time for her to heal well enough to walk at all.  The doctors told her Mother that the girl would always have a limp.  The girl returned home after several weeks and even though she was so young, she was intuitive enough to fell the wall her Mother put up after the accident.  The girl never saw her Father or Mr. Whiskers again and much prefers dogs over cats now that she is older.

Or maybe the lady walking her dog just sprained her ankle slipping in the rain.  That just doesn’t seem as interesting to explore.  Around this time frame is when the neighbor walking the dog may notice my glazed-over expression and start walking faster, away from the weird staring lady who sits on her patio doing nothing but thinking.  I hope to capture some of these imaginings in this blog and look forward to interacting with my Readers!


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